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Having been a natural bodybuilding competitor for a number of years and over a decade of experience in the gym, I've seen many training and diet fads come and go. My goal above all else is to go as far as possible within my respected sport, which means having the edge over the competition and not only out working but out 'thinking' my opponents. To do this, I am on a constant mission to learn and understand training and nutrition from the latest science backed studies to the tried and tested techniques of yesteryear. This is what sets me apart from other Personal Trainers.

Over the last few years I've used myself as a 'guinea pig' to sieve through all the information out there and keep and use the most effective, fastest, result based techniques available to us in the fitness industry. So wether you're wanting to full fill a life long goal of stepping on stage, look the best you ever have for a photo shoot or holiday, or simply want to drop a couple of dress sizes to get in to you're dream wedding dress, I have the tools to achieve it and together we will!


The way I structure the session will be based around your individual goals, meaning if you wanted to add lean mass to your body the workout would look different to if you wanted to tone up and lose inches.

The majority of the session will be resistance based as this is what I use and feel yields the greatest results in terms of fat loss and muscle gain. I'm a huge advocate of as close to perfect form as possible and this is what I'll teach you.

I would never ask you to do something you couldn't do, but of course I will be pushing you past what you thought your body was capable of doing, that's how we get results!




Dominic Says - "Although myself and Craig don't train together as frequently at the moment, I still guide him on his nutrition after check ins to monitor weight gain and keep him going in the right direction. This was Craig during his cutting diet in summer last year, and next to it, him now. As you can see he's gained a little bodyfat (which is needed) but has been substantial muscle gains! Well done Craig, let's see what we can do this year when we begin the cut!!"

Dieter Wagener

dieter wagener

"Never being fully happy with the results I was getting for my training I knew that I needed a helping hand to workout where I was going wrong. After doing some research online and asking members at my local gym I came across Dom. It was through his knowledge, attention to detail, passion and patience that he got me to achieve my goals of losing body fat whilst keeping hold of my muscle. I could not recommend Dom enough he is there every step of the way to guide you on your fitness journey!"

Dominic Says - "Dieter came to me as a typical 'eat big, lift big' guy that had a good foundation but wanted to take his physique to the next level. As his training was already based around moving large poundage, a little tweaking of his workout plan and a carefully monitored, tailored diet plan was all we needed to create this epic 60 POUND transformation"

Steven Singh Takhar

steve sing takhar

"After working with DH it has been a great pleasure and education to learn the multiple aspects of safe exercise, nutrition and wellbeing. His extensive knowledge has impressed me and ultimately propelled me in achieving my best physique so far in my life. I can count on Dominic to advise me as a personal trainer and friend which makes working together even more exciting."

Dominic Says - "Steven, being an all round athlete with an all-or-nothing type attitude was easy to help as he is willing to do whatever it takes to bring his best. So with a goal in sight but lacking the know how to get there, a simple push in the right direction was all that was needed and as you can see the results were pretty spectacular!"

Cheryl Samuels

cheryl samuels cheryl samuels

"I have been training with Dom for around 18 months now. Originally, when I started training with him my goal was fat loss, but he saw something in me that I never did. He saw potential. What makes Dom great at his job is not just the exceptional results he gets for his clients, but the ability to make people realise their potential and go after it. I would never have thought I could be a successful bodybuilder, yet through his constant knowledge, skill, inspiration and motivation I have won 3 trophies in only my second year in the sport. I realise bodybuilding isn’t for everyone, but even from a health and fitness aspect, Dom is constantly keeping up to date with current research and methods and knows how to get results from a wide range of different clients with differing goals"

Dominic Says - "Cheryl approached me one day with her eye on a bikini competition 11 weeks away. With her bodyfat sitting around 20% and with an aim of 12% I knew this was going to be a tricky one. We got down to business and started chipping away creating the stage worthy beach body we both knew she had! 11 weeks later and a whole lot of dedication in the gym and kitchen and she surpassed 12% and walked out on stage looking like a complete new person, proof to the ladies out there that weights and protein shakes can definitely sculpt a sexy feminine physique! Since this initial show Cheryl has gone on to compete in more shows placing in podium finishes and even recently walking away with a 2nd place, it's only a matter of time before she's bringing home the gold!"

Callam Draper

callam draper

"Before I started training with Dom I was already a keen gym goer but didn't know first thing about dieting and strict, correct training form which essentially was holding me back for years. I had no problem with my strength, but at the end of the day I wanted to see physical results in myself and after years of trying I didn't see myself getting anywhere. I bumped into Dom drunkenly on a staff night out at Xercise4Less and got talking to him, and from then on he started training. Correcting my form, educating me on diet and nutrition, my body fat soon started to come off, my strength increased and physically I was in the best shape of my life all thanks to Dom's guidance and knowledge. He always gives me his 100% in effort and dedication and always pushes me to my limit."

Dominic Says - "Callam's the type of guy that wants you to throw at him all you've got. He enjoys the challenge and the reward it brings. In just 3 months of nutritional guidance and personal training, Callam began to show awesome changes in himself both physically and mentally, becoming more confident, energetic and obviously looking the better with every passing week. This is just a snippet of Callam's journey and we can't wait to see what a year together will bring!"


Initial taster session £15

5 sessions £150 (£30 a session)

10 sessions £250 (£25 a session)

20 sessions £400 (£20 a session)

Note: All bulk packages include an individualised tailored diet plan.

Sit down tailored diet plans £30

Cancellations within 24 hours of session result in loss of session.


If you are looking to take your body to the next level - call or email me to get in touch.

Telephone: 07545 642738





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